The basics


When registering please remember to complete your full address including the city, suburb, and postal code.


We have a weekly order cycle and currently deliver on Fridays only. Orders can be placed from Monday 08:00 up to SUNDAY 24:00 - to receive your order the next Friday. At the top of the website there is a countdown timer indicating how much time is left before orders close for the current order cycle. To complete an order, you need to click on your Cart, review your order and click on “Proceed to Checkout”. At Checkout you need to review your billing details and select a delivery date, area and timeslot. Your order can not be processed if you do not select a timeslot. Your order is only completed once you have placed a check in the checkbox confirming “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions” and clicked the “Place Order” button at the end of the Checkout process, (placing items in your Cart or clicking on “Proceed to Checkout” does not constitute an order).


When you place an order, you will receive an onscreen confirmation and an automated order confirmation email with an estimated cost. The final amount may vary from the onscreen amount due to the variable weight of certain products and unforeseen supplier shortages of seasonal fresh produce. After we have weighed all the relevant items that you ordered we will send the final invoice with your delivery. Please pay via eft within one hour after delivery.

Features that will save you time


Create your own Wishlist with all your favourite products. To add a product to your Wishlist, click on the “heart” icon on the product page. Next time when you place your order, you can easily access your Wishlist by clicking on “heart” icon in the main menu and start ordering from there.


If you loved a particular product that you bought from us, you can easily find it again by clicking on the “orders” tab on your account dashboard. All your previous orders will be accessible from there.

Features coming soon


Soon you will be able to place a fixed weekly order (subscription) and rest assured that your food will be delivered every Friday. You can edit your order for a specific week or permanently.


When this feature is enabled, you will receive a message as soon as the driver leaves the depo with a live GPS tracking link to see the driver’s progress and estimated time of arrival.

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